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Is a camp counsellor's job real?

Some people will just never understand. The absolute “realness” of working with children in a camp environment is truly acknowledged only by those who have experienced it. The job of a counsellor is one in which one‘s job performance is rated most obviously by the expressions on the children‘s faces; in short, a happy camper indicates a job well done. So, what exactly is involved in fostering the needs and expectations of all those potentially happy campers? A crazy combination of parent, teacher, nurse, coach, psychologist and best friend, 24–7. Wilvaken hires the right staff who are trained during our staff training and are taught the skills to nurture children, inspire groups and create a safe, supportive environment where kids can flourish. The demands of working at camp can be great, but the rewards are greater! If you are looking for the life changing experience of positively impacting children from around the world, Wilvaken is the place for you.

“Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe” – Henry David Thoreau


What Wilvaken is looking for

  • Our staff are chosen first for their capabilities as positive role models and for their abilities to work with and lead children.
  • Be compassionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to children and the environment
  • Be able to instruct various activities, be organised, committed, and take initiative.
  • Staff must have current First Aid and a current lifeguard certificate (NLS or Bronze Cross) if they are involved at the waterfront.
  • Communicate well in both English and French as we are a bilingual camp.

  • Your job in a nutshell!

  • All counsellors have a cabin group of 8 - 10 campers for one month during the summer.
    • you will be directly responsible for those campers,
    • plan special activities with them,
    • learn their likes and dislikes,
    • hopes and goals
    • provide reliable, consistent support and consideration for the campers‘ individual needs
  • Cabin staff will sleep with the campers while non-cabin staff will have other sleeping quarters
  • Note that working at a summer camp is not a nine to five job. You will be getting up with your campers at 07:30, organizing activities all day and putting campers to bed by 21:30
  • You will have 2 hours of free time most days and one 24h day off once a week.
  • Activity counsellors: Wilvaken hires staff who have the required skills to teach the activities we offer as well as care for groups of children.
  • All counsellors take part in helping plan various programs
  • Meals: Staff eat with campers and monitor eating habits, table manners and conversation
  • Tripping: Everyone who is qualified has the opportunity to either lead or assist on a trip. Trip leaders must be 18 years old or over and must have standard first aid and swimming qualifications
  • Overnights: Each cabin group has at least one overnight with their counsellor in the camp area
  • Where else will you have the opportunity to spend a summer outdoors, make new friends, make a difference in a child's life and know that at the end of every day you will have touched the heart and mind of many young people? With this experience you will find yourself becoming a strong leader and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


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